The case of the chunky, carb-addicted Chihuahua


Here is our chunky Chihuahua in his new harness.

My posts of late have been quite serious and heavy: school shootings, malnutrition, behavioral economics. So, I thought I would switch to a lighter topic. If you think an 8-lb Chihuahua is light, that is.

Our Chihuahua Peanut has graduated to the husky harness. When we first met him in Magnolia, he was a scrawny, underweight (3 lb) stray. His rescuer, Leigh, nursed him to a healthy 6 lb. Since he has been in Mumbai, Peanut has gained a bit more weight. I think he is pushing 8 lb now. He now wears the same size harness as Chip, who is considerably longer and taller.

How Peanut has managed to gain this weight is no mystery. It turns out that the dog whose breed is named after a Mexican state has a thing for homemade tortillas. Every time we have tacos, Sevrine makes homemade tortillas. Very good homemade tortillas. Her previous family from Houston taught her how to make them. In Houston, we never made homemade tortillas; we bought them from the HEB tortilleria. There, we had a choice of a half-dozen different flavors. Here, we have just the simple flour tortillas, but they are awesome.

At first, Peanut expressed just a mild interest in the tortillas, but now he has come to expect that he receives tortillas whenever they are made. He starts hounding Sevrine the moment the dough hits the pan and fills the flat with the intoxicating smell of fresh dough and butter. This transcription is an actual conversation between Peanut and Sevrine:

Peanut: Woof.
Translation: Oh boy! You are making tortillas.

Sevrine: Kya hua?
Translation: What’s happening?

Peanut: Whooah.
Translation: You are making tortillas. That is what’s happening.

Sevrine: Out!

Peanut: Woof. Woof.
Translation: Maybe if I bark twice you will think I am twice as cute.

Sevrine: Out! Out!

Peanut exits the kitchen looking quite forlorn but rather determined. Stays out of the kitchen for two whole minutes. Then, recruits Chip to his tortilla cause and returns to the kitchen.

Peanut: Woof. Woof.
Translation: Are the tortillas done yet? Because I am hungry.

Chip: Ahwoo
Translation: Me, too.

Sevrine: The tortillas are not finished yet.

Peanut: Woof.
Translation: OK. We will wait here under your feet until you are done.

After the tortillas are done, Peanut and Chip receive their rewards: hot-off-the-griddle tortillas. Peanut scurries to his kennel to eat his treat in peace. He returns to the kitchen for a second helping.

Peanut: Woof. Woof.
Translation: Can I have another, please?

Sevrine: No more. Finished.

After some begging and pawing at Sevrine, Peanut leaves dejected. Maybe he will get more tortillas at dinnertime. Maybe not.

3 thoughts on “The case of the chunky, carb-addicted Chihuahua

  1. (Sorry I seem to be replying to this blog all the time! I really enjoy it though!)

    Stella and Zoe, our goldendoodles, feel the same way about chapatis. The cook can’t get them out fast enough. Zoe, the dog who would sell her soul for food, has taken to licking the toes of the cook until he breaks down and makes her chapati. Stella is a bit less desperate, but has been known to whine until he tosses one her way. Fortunately for them both, Alok makes them for Andreas every day, who thinks it is a GREAT game to throw pieces on the floor for the dogs.

    Needless to say, everyone is gaining kilos more quickly than they should be!


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