C is for chihuahua

I was going to blog about chaiwallahs, Mumbai's ubiquitous tea sellers, but then I found this old video of Peanut in his rain boots. http://youtu.be/A4PPX2Dntrw This video is from our first monsoon in Mumbai when I was worried about Peanut traipsing through torrents of filthy rainwater. He wore the boots maybe twice. Our chihuahua is … Continue reading C is for chihuahua

The case of the chunky, carb-addicted Chihuahua

My posts of late have been quite serious and heavy: school shootings, malnutrition, behavioral economics. So, I thought I would switch to a lighter topic. If you think an 8-lb Chihuahua is light, that is. Our Chihuahua Peanut has graduated to the husky harness. When we first met him in Magnolia, he was a scrawny, … Continue reading The case of the chunky, carb-addicted Chihuahua

Sometimes, you feel like a nut

Today, I learned that Peanut is a girl. That’s right. My boy Chihuahua is not a male; he is a female. At least that is what the USDA says. Evidently, the neutering worked too well.  Those who have known Peanut since before the procedure will remember him to be a very well endowed Chihuahua. I … Continue reading Sometimes, you feel like a nut