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"The function of language is to communicate things clearly." 

Shame-free editorial guidance

Rules around grammar, syntax, and style help make communication easier. As an editor, it’s my job to create and enforce those rules. 

But, I have learned that many of our so-called rules are “more like guidelines than actual rules.” 

That’s why I take a shame-free approach to editing. 

Want to learn more about my approach?

Expert brand storytelling

In rural West Virginia lies a retreat center that’s home to a rare albino peacock.

It’s considered lucky to see this peacock, let alone photograph it. 

As I strolled the grounds one afternoon, the peacock started chasing me. 

As I turned to face him, the peacock displayed his feathers, and I captured this photo. That’s why the peacock became the inspiration for my logo

What’s your inspiration?

Cute chihuahua videos

Peanut’s just here to help my page rank better on Google.

Just kidding. That’s not how Google works. 

Unless I want to rank for a blond chihuahua in a red coat sitting in a pink stroller at the vet in Philadelphia. 

Check out my IG to watch his most popular reel.

MY HEART, like a peacock on a rainy day, spreads its plumes tinged with rapturous colours of thoughts, and in its ecstasy seeks some vision in the sky, with a longing for one whom it does not know.

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Jean Burke-Spraker

I broke my website and here’s how I am going to fix it

Aargh! I broke my website and now I have to fix it!

If you’ve followed me for a long time, you know that I used to blog as Magnolia2Mumbai. Well, it seems that when I moved to my domain, that I did not quite follow website domain transfer best practices, and I broke my website.

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#StandWithSalman in a Sea of Stories

As part of their event, Pen America encouraged those who could not be in New York today to submit our own readings.

This reading from Haroun and the Sea of Stories is from chapter 10, Haroun’s Wish. The speaker who opens the excerpt is Khattam-Shud, whose name means “completely finished or over and done with” according to the book’s glossary.

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Jean Burke-Spraker

Audiobook review: The Past As Present by Romila Thapar

At first glance, a book on Indian historiography might not seem easily accessible to a general audience.
Yet, Thapar’s prose is lucid, and her tone remains conversational without losing its scholarly authority. Thapar connects arguments about the past to our present quite beautifully.

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Jean Burke-Spraker

My journey with Joyce

There’s a story about my maternal grandmother, Mom-Mom, and it goes something like this. My grandmother was always an avid reader. Despite dropping out of

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