As I start to rebuild my site, I will share my experience with you. Today, let’s talk about one of the most important parts of the WordPress Admin Panel: the Stats section. The Stats section is not as detailed as all the data you get from Google Analytics or Google Search Console. But, it provides some good overall metrics to help you understand why people are coming to your website, where they are coming from, and what they are doing while they are there.

In this five-minute video, I will show you the backend of my website and help you to understand the data you see in the Stats section, including traffic and insights.

Transcript of Stats section tutorial


Hi, everyone. Welcome to the back end of my WordPress website. This is Jean, and I thought I’d start talking about rebuilding the site with one of the most important parts of the site. And that is your stats.
WordPress has the capability to give you a lot of information about your, your visitors, how often they’re coming, what they’re looking at and, and stuff like that.
So I’ll, I’ll go back through some of these on, on my site.


So right here you have traffic and then you also have insights, and we’re gonna mostly focus on traffic.
So you can look at traffic in terms of days, weeks, months, or years. And so you can see this is, this, this is actually 2015 is actually the first year that I had the jeanspraker site.
So, that’s why it doesn’t go back until before all the way to 2012. And as you can see, the, the best year that I had was, was 2016.
I will come to that in just a minute. And then of course, everything seemed to fall off a bit. And then, 2019 was actually the, the year that I, I stopped writing blogs and I’ve only started recently coming back online, in June, I started blogging again on audiobooks.
And so this kind of gives you an, an overview of kind of, you can see it just a how things you’re doing.
So there, there are four metrics here that kind of matter. There’s views and that’s, that’s the total number of views for the year actually.
So that’s really kind of sad. And then the number of visitors. So, this, this is a little different than how Google Analytics shows it.
Google will give you overall visitors and your unique visitors. This is just unique visitors. And then this is like, so how many people like things, and then, the comments are obviously the number of comments you got.
So I’m actually gonna go through and show you stuff for, for 2016, since that’s actually the year where we have the most data.
And so that, that blog that year, one of the reasons why that year is particularly has a lot of, of views is because that’s the year I wrote the now infamous Chetan, I’m a Chetan Bhagat fan blog.
And you can see here what the most popular blogs were. And then here is the referrers. The referrers are the people who are on your site, where they’re actually coming from, are they coming from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another blog linking to you, which is great.
And then countries. Obviously India is my, was my number one country. It kind of still tends to kind of go back and forth with the U.S. and, and shifting to the U.S. has been a challenge for me.
And then here you have like some basic search terms, but you’ll notice that like most of your search ends up in the unknown search terms. Sometimes Google analytics can actually be better at finding those than, than WordPress can.
But, but at least that’s a start. And then over here, it’s the number of clicks people who are actually clicking on links in your, in your blogs, on your pages, and where they’re actually going.
So that can actually give you a lot of great information, too.


And then here you have your insights.
Now your insights really only give you this top part here. This is actually only for the year. So you can literally see every day whether or not you’re, you’re actually blogging or posting.
And so, you know, you can see it happened in June, July, and August here. And then this is actually giving you the data about your all time views.
So here you can see this 1500 and 1600 views that ladies and gentlemen in is what the power of a Chetan Bhagat retweet can do.
That that’s based on those blogs that I did, this actually shows the latest post summary. So how many people have actually viewed the post that I just put up, but this is also the all time data here and here you see best views ever, just a little over a thousand. And that is in fact, thanks to Mr. Bhagat.

You also have information about, you know, which users you have followers and, you know, statistics about your, your current site.
So, anyway, so that’s just to basically get you started and understanding your content. Thanks.

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