Z is for Zomato

Me: "For Z, I'm writing about Zomato." The hubby: "Zo- What?" Me: "Zomato, the online food search engine. It's like Yelp in the US." I guess not all Mumbaikers are familiar with Zomato. Clearly, that situation needs to change. From the Zomato website: Zomato was created to help people find and connect with great places … Continue reading Z is for Zomato

The case of the chunky, carb-addicted Chihuahua

My posts of late have been quite serious and heavy: school shootings, malnutrition, behavioral economics. So, I thought I would switch to a lighter topic. If you think an 8-lb Chihuahua is light, that is. Our Chihuahua Peanut has graduated to the husky harness. When we first met him in Magnolia, he was a scrawny, … Continue reading The case of the chunky, carb-addicted Chihuahua

“But, Madam, we are like McDonald’s”: Lunch at Royal China

Royal China is a high-end Chinese restaurant located in the trendy Turner Rd area of Bandra. I read somewhere on the Internet that Bollywood stars like the Kapoor sisters lunch there. While I have never personally seen the Kapoor sisters at Royal China, I can tell you that the staff is very attentive to guys … Continue reading “But, Madam, we are like McDonald’s”: Lunch at Royal China

Why eat, pray, love when you can just eat, eat, eat?

When Dad came to visit a few weeks ago, he had one goal: eat some real food. After almost four weeks in a Saudi man camp eating gruel (OK, not really, but that is what he called it), he wanted to get some food that did not taste like Styrofoam. Believe it or not, you … Continue reading Why eat, pray, love when you can just eat, eat, eat?

Cooking Indiano style

Today, Sevrine is making lasagna. She found the quick-cook Barilla noodles at the Haiko supermarket nearby. These noodles have one advantage: they fit in a square baking dish. Our toaster oven will not accommodate a large rectangular pan. So, if we can’t bake it in a square pan, we can’t bake it. It has been … Continue reading Cooking Indiano style

Pizza, Indian style

  Our next door neighbor’s daughter, Isha, just started summer break this week and is about to enter fourth grade. Isha is already bored. Enter her mom, Sreoshi, who decides to host a pizza party for some of Isha’s friends and their parents. Sreoshi invited us over thinking that we would like pizza and pasta, … Continue reading Pizza, Indian style