Well, for my first post, I guess I should explain a little bit about the origin of my blog web address, title, and tagline.

I have a background in marketing communications, so I understand the challenges of choosing a great, easy-to-remember web address so that your audience can easily find and remember how to get to your website. Too long, and they get bored typing; too short, and you risk someone else having the domain name already. The address needs to be catchy but not complicated. It is the virtual bowl of porridge. It needs to be “just right” so that your Goldilocks user will sit down and stay for a while. Not sure how I did, but I hope my friends will appreciate the irony that, yes, the editor spelled “to” with a 2.

Magnolia to Mumbai” really does sum up what I want this blog to be about: my family’s transition to this amazing place called India. Those of you who have been here or live here understand how quickly India can touch you. It is a whole new world (or old world, as the case may be), but it has quickly become home to Brian and me.

My tagline, “A Texan in India,” will probably surprise all my relatives, and possibly most of my friends. I was, in fact, not born in Texas. I was born in Philly, famous for its cheesesteaks and the Liberty Bell. But, Brian and I have spent the last six years in Magnolia, Texas, a small town northwest of Houston, famous for the Texas Renaissance Festival that snarls traffic in October and November. We grew to call Magnolia home in a way that I hope we will soon call Mumbai.

On an editorial note, I am not all that keen on the serif font used in this template. Expect to see a better theme soon with nice, readable sans serif fonts, like comic sans.

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  1. Comic sans–now that literally made me LOL! Can’t wait to spend more coffee-filled mornings reading about the adventures of Jean and Brian in India. And irony of me reading what you wrote for once is not lost upon me!

  2. I am very interested to follow your blog Jean. Although we share family blood, being cousins, I can’t even get myself to live in another state let alone another country!

  3. Sans Serif is my favorite
    I wanted to start a blog on going through Hep C treatment, My tag was HepLikeMe. but I didn’t know what site to trust. And the nature of Hep C Treatment is lack of follow – through.

    1. Thanks, Deb. I would have totally read that. I have been impressed with WordPress so far. It is pretty intuitive.

  4. Hi Jean! I enjoyed reading your posts. It’s so nice to know how things are going. The world does seem a bit smaller with the internet. Too bad we didn’t know of Chip’s recruiting capabilities earlier… He could have helped us out at work! 🙂

  5. This blog is a wonderful way to keep friends and family involved in your journey, and a wonderful way to document your adventures. I’m loving your posts!!!! So happy for you guys and can’t wait to read more!!!

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