I am a Chetan Bhagat fan, and I am not an idiot: A 2001-word editorial odyssey

Recently, I was involved in a discussion in a writer’s group about Chetan Bhagat. Unlike most similar discussions, this one did not degenerate into the vitriol that usually happens when Chetan Bhagat is mentioned. In part, because the discussion was not limited to Bhagat himself, but included Amish Tripathi, Durjoy Datta, Ravi Subramanian, and other bestsellers. […]

The hashtag

When the #DeadAdityaKapoor hashtag goes viral, Maya Kapoor races toward Lilavati Hospital–and her husband. But, a monsoon downpour threatens to stop her. Will she reach in time to say goodbye to Aditya?
Inspired by Ravi Subramanian’s Write India passage, The Hashtag wrestles with the real emotional toll of virtual rumors.