Happy International Women’s Day

I know what you're thinking. It's International Women's Day, and I'm a woman who lives internationally. Clearly, this day was made for me. An overprivileged, underemployed trailing spouse, sitting in my posh high-rise in Seoul and drinking the same coffee the Pope drinks. No really. It's true. The same coffee. It's from Brazil and doesn't have a … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

F is for FMCH

Expat wives have a reputation for high fashion, but we also have one for compassion. You can't live in Mumbai and not be touched by the poverty and the hunger that accompanies it. Many expat spouses spend their time volunteering at NGOs throughout Mumbai. In the spirit of volunteerism, every year, the American Women's Club … Continue reading F is for FMCH

Can India feed its poor?

Editor's note: This article originally appeared in the monsoon issue of Chalo! magazine. The Food Security bill was signed into law in September. Malnutrition. Hunger. Starvation. These words are a sad fact of life in India and often the first words that newly arriving expats confront as they motor from the airport to their new … Continue reading Can India feed its poor?