What not to eat: Mumbai edition

“Don’t have a cow, man!” — Bart Simpson BMC banned meat for four days in honor of the upcoming Jain holiday, and everyone on social media had a cow. Well, not a literal cow, a metaphorical one. Bart Simpson would have been appalled. Hashtags were started on Twitter (#meatban #BanTheBan). Photos of meat were posted … Continue reading What not to eat: Mumbai edition

Cooking Indiano style

Today, Sevrine is making lasagna. She found the quick-cook Barilla noodles at the Haiko supermarket nearby. These noodles have one advantage: they fit in a square baking dish. Our toaster oven will not accommodate a large rectangular pan. So, if we can’t bake it in a square pan, we can’t bake it. It has been … Continue reading Cooking Indiano style