Happy International Women’s Day

I know what you're thinking. It's International Women's Day, and I'm a woman who lives internationally. Clearly, this day was made for me. An overprivileged, underemployed trailing spouse, sitting in my posh high-rise in Seoul and drinking the same coffee the Pope drinks. No really. It's true. The same coffee. It's from Brazil and doesn't have a … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

F is for FMCH

Expat wives have a reputation for high fashion, but we also have one for compassion. You can't live in Mumbai and not be touched by the poverty and the hunger that accompanies it. Many expat spouses spend their time volunteering at NGOs throughout Mumbai. In the spirit of volunteerism, every year, the American Women's Club … Continue reading F is for FMCH

Ready, set, walk: The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

A reader told me that my last post about the train ride did not have an ending and stopped rather abruptly. He may be right about that. So, where was I? Ah, yes, the Foundation for Mother and Child Health team was just about to leave CST and head out to Azad Maidan, a large, … Continue reading Ready, set, walk: The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

Strangers on a train

The Mumbai local trains are notorious for overcrowding. People routinely hang off the side of the cars and occasionally on the roofs. Every few weeks, the Times publishes a story about an injury or death on a train, usually when someone falls out of an open train car onto the tracks. So, I was a … Continue reading Strangers on a train

To Arthur Road Jail and back again

In Mumbai, locations are marked not by street names and numbers, but by landmarks. For a retail store, a street name may be given, but a landmark is also included. For example, the Nature’s Basket in Worli is located at 227, Samarth Vaibhav Building, Opposite Tarapur Towers, Adarsh Nagar, Beside ICICI Bank, Mumbai. Yesterday, when … Continue reading To Arthur Road Jail and back again