Reading Rupi: Translating English across cultures

Reading Indian writing in English represents an act of translation every time I read. Yes, even when the book is written in English, every book represents a journey through and across culture.  It might seem strange to hear a native English speaker say that I read English in translation, but I do. Given the idiomatic … Continue reading Reading Rupi: Translating English across cultures

Closed doors, open windows

  When Lindsey Gordon (aka MaximumCityMadam) first approached me about writing for Chalo, the Mumbai Connexions magazine, she suggested current events as the topic, hence the column title, “What’s happening, Mumbai?” This month, I considered writing about the bombing in Boston. I am an American after all, and those events are still fresh in my … Continue reading Closed doors, open windows

Timing is everything

“What time is it there?” People ask me that question almost every time they call. When people learned we were moving to India, the first question was, “How many hours ahead is that?” When I replied “10.5,” they seemed puzzled because you cannot have half a time zone. Several people told me that was the … Continue reading Timing is everything

Hindi 101

Hindi and English alphabets shown with images Today, I started one-on-one Hindi lessons. Hindi is not my first foreign language. It is my fourth, my fifth if you include the smattering of Spanish that I call “restaurant Spanish,” meaning that I translated the menu for my parents when we visited Guatemala and could communicate with … Continue reading Hindi 101