My journey with Joyce

There's a story about my maternal grandmother, Mom-Mom, and it goes something like this. My grandmother was always an avid reader. Despite dropping out of school at an early age (10 or so) because reasons, she was a life-long and voracious reader. Like, reading is how I remember her. Often with a Penguin Classics edition … Continue reading My journey with Joyce

L is for languages

According to the People's Linguistic Survey of India, 780 languages are spoken across the Indian subcontinent. The count includes many dialects spoken by less than 10,000 people. By comparison, the United States has 337 languages spoken within its borders. Yet, while the US has no official language, India has two official languages: Hindi and English. … Continue reading L is for languages

$2.2 billion reasons why authority matters

Right now. Yes, now, 11:25 am on Cyber Monday was the busiest time last year for online transactions. In 2012, Cyber Monday registered sales that made that day both the biggest shopping day of 2012 and the biggest shopping day online—ever. This year, Nielsen estimates that almost half (46%) of holiday shopping will be done … Continue reading $2.2 billion reasons why authority matters

The 12th man of content: your audience

The Clemson-Carolina game is a Thanksgiving weekend tradition. In the weeks before the event, Clemson fans begin posting taunts on Facebook and sharing images of Clemson’s tiger mascot strangling and burning Carolina’s chicken mascot. The rivalry is all in good fun for the fans. It almost doesn’t matter who wins. (I said almost.) Fans are why the … Continue reading The 12th man of content: your audience

What 3 pieces of pie can teach you about online authority

  Everybody loves pie, right? Wrong. I really don’t. That dislike leads to many awkward conversations with my husband’s pie-loving family this time of year. But, if you want to understand what it means to be an online authority, all you need to do is grab a piece of pie: power, influence, and expertise. Power … Continue reading What 3 pieces of pie can teach you about online authority

Closed doors, open windows

  When Lindsey Gordon (aka MaximumCityMadam) first approached me about writing for Chalo, the Mumbai Connexions magazine, she suggested current events as the topic, hence the column title, “What’s happening, Mumbai?” This month, I considered writing about the bombing in Boston. I am an American after all, and those events are still fresh in my … Continue reading Closed doors, open windows

Cooking Indiano style

Today, Sevrine is making lasagna. She found the quick-cook Barilla noodles at the Haiko supermarket nearby. These noodles have one advantage: they fit in a square baking dish. Our toaster oven will not accommodate a large rectangular pan. So, if we can’t bake it in a square pan, we can’t bake it. It has been … Continue reading Cooking Indiano style

Hindi 101

Hindi and English alphabets shown with images Today, I started one-on-one Hindi lessons. Hindi is not my first foreign language. It is my fourth, my fifth if you include the smattering of Spanish that I call “restaurant Spanish,” meaning that I translated the menu for my parents when we visited Guatemala and could communicate with … Continue reading Hindi 101