What a coloring book taught me about writing

A couple of weeks ago, Book Riot featured an article about adult coloring books. I was intrigued by the concept, so the next time I wandered into Kinokuniya Book World in Dubai Mall, I decided to buy one. Evidently, coloring is the latest low-tech de-stressing fad for us high-tech overstressed adults. The book I bought … Continue reading What a coloring book taught me about writing

D is for dancing

So many D words, so little time! Didi, downward-facing dog, and driver, to name a few.  Few words capture a foreigner's imagination more than dancing. Dancing is a quintessentially Bollywood trope. The trope is so common that many US TV shows with Indian characters have parodied the dance sequences. Take this example from Big Bang Theory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0alLuXHrU6cContinue reading D is for dancing

Hollywood in Bollywood

I expected to write this blog this weekend about how awesome the movie theaters in Mumbai are; I expected to write about my anticipation for seeing “The Dark Knight Rises.” It seems I expected quite a few things. But, once again, my expectations needed to be realigned with reality. It turns out that I was … Continue reading Hollywood in Bollywood

The culture of clothes

This weekend, Brian and I attended our first party in India, the Bourbon Street Bash, sponsored by the American Women’s Club of Mumbai. The fundraiser was held at the Trident Hotel in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), aka the place that went all out for Brian’s birthday. We went with some of Brian’s work colleagues and … Continue reading The culture of clothes