A dead letter to the son of a Syrian immigrant

Dear Steve, I know you're dead and all that, but there's something you need to hear. Something I need to tell you. It seems some people in America no longer want you. They think people like you will destroy our country. They think that hard-working immigrants who want a chance to live in peace don't deserve that chance. They think that Syrians will bring terrorists with them. They think it's OK for a three-year-old boy to drown on the shores of a country that isn't theirs.

A dead letter to Steve Jobs

Hey Steve, I realize that you are dead, but I think you should know that your company seems to have lost its direction, quite literally. I just downloaded iOS 6 to my iPhone, and the Maps app is quite disappointing. Don’t get me wrong; many features of iOS 6, like the Facebook integration, are awesome, … Continue reading A dead letter to Steve Jobs