The fan

Usha pushed herself up. Pain weighed down her limbs as she switched off the fan. She went over to the dining room table and collapsed into a chair. Her shoulders heaved as silent sobs escaped her lips. She rose from the chair and moved it under the fan. She climbed onto the chair and draped the dupatta over the fan's stainless steel blades. As she readied to tie the dupatta around her neck, the fan switched on. The dupatta flew out of her hand and on to the floor.

P is for Powai

Perfect Powai I’ve been writing a blog about my little eastern Mumbai suburb of Powai for some time. I had grand plans of a comprehensive blog. But, you know what they say about best-laid plans… Bombay blogger shout-out: Powai.Info contains a wealth of great information about my favorite Mumbai suburb. You can follow through email, … Continue reading P is for Powai

A TATA Alliance Starbucks: Foreign direct investment in India

Starbucks has finally come to India. More importantly, it has finally come to Powai. Located just around the corner from my flat, the newest coffee shop has created much interest and buzz. But, what is all this buzz really about, anyway? Powai has at least three good coffee shops already. Gloria Jean’s is just a … Continue reading A TATA Alliance Starbucks: Foreign direct investment in India