P is for Powai

Perfect Powai I’ve been writing a blog about my little eastern Mumbai suburb of Powai for some time. I had grand plans of a comprehensive blog. But, you know what they say about best-laid plans… Bombay blogger shout-out: Powai.Info contains a wealth of great information about my favorite Mumbai suburb. You can follow through email, … Continue reading P is for Powai

My “Envi”-ous expat life

I have about four blog topics half-written, half-conceived, half-baked in my brain or on my computer. Do I write about my carb-addicted chihuahua, the book I just read, or finally document our travels through Rajasthan and Kerala? Or maybe I should write about watermelon seeds? Yes, watermelon seeds. I cannot seem to settle down to … Continue reading My “Envi”-ous expat life

The gardens of Hiranandani Gardens

Brian and I live in a suburb of Mumbai called Powai, home to a large integrated township called Hiranandani Gardens. True to its name, the area has several large gardens (parks, for the US folks). These gardens have similar features to US parks: walking paths, large grassy knolls, lush foliage, and play parks for children, … Continue reading The gardens of Hiranandani Gardens