Maroon, white, and blue

The Texas A&M Aggies-University of Texas Longhorns rivalry is a storied, complex anthropological phenomenon that divides people along geographical, economic, social, and cultural lines. As a non-native Texan, I tend to steer clear of having an opinion about the rivalry. My only opinion about college football is if Clemson is playing, then I want them … Continue reading Maroon, white, and blue

Have a peaceful Memorial Day

Monday is Memorial Day in the US. I can tell people have started awakening because I see a barrage of “Happy Memorial Day!” greetings on Facebook. Recently, this greeting has struck me as somewhat strange. It is like saying, “I am happy your relatives are dead.” It seems more appropriate to say, “Have a safe, … Continue reading Have a peaceful Memorial Day

Happy Maharashtra Day

Today, most of India is celebrating International Workers’ Day or May Day, but in Mumbai, it is Maharashtra Day. Maharashtra is the state in which Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is located. Until 1960, Maharastra and what is now the state of Gujarat, were part of one state called Bombay. On 1 May 1960, India split the … Continue reading Happy Maharashtra Day