Le lettere dal carcere di mia cuore: A love letter inspired by Jhumpa Lahiri’s In Other Words

Quando sono stato in Firenze, era una programme della cultura chiamata “Firenze porte aperte.” In the evenings, the museums would open their doors for free. Roaming the Uffizi at night while Andrea Boccelli sang in the courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio is an exquisite memory of my time in Italy. You have returned that memory to me and opened a door. For that, I thank you. Grazie mille.

The lub dubs

The doctor enters. I know what he’s going to say. He’s said it before. My hearts can’t take much more. My blood work matches perfectly to a girl my own age. I feign sleep. Maybe he won’t bother me.

He doesn’t.

He and my mother talk in hushed tones. Their words grow fainter as the blood throbs faster through my body. The sound has reached my ears now. Their voices become just mumbles. My eardrums thud with the pain of the increased blood flow. I have made my decision, yet still feel at war with myself somehow.

Lub, dub.

Lub, dub.

The hashtag

When the #DeadAdityaKapoor hashtag goes viral, Maya Kapoor races toward Lilavati Hospital–and her husband. But, a monsoon downpour threatens to stop her. Will she reach in time to say goodbye to Aditya?
Inspired by Ravi Subramanian’s Write India passage, The Hashtag wrestles with the real emotional toll of virtual rumors.