Why I read, edit, and write (Part 1)

In which Brian builds a bookshelf, and Jean re-reads the timeless children’s classic, The Poky Little Puppy When Brian and I moved to Mumbai, we each sacrificed some things we cherished. He put his Harley in storage and sold 90% of his tools. My sacrifices included my two custom-built (by Brian), seven-foot-tall, absolute-pain-in-the-neck-to-move, barely-fits-through-the-doorway, much-loved, … Continue reading Why I read, edit, and write (Part 1)

C is for chihuahua

I was going to blog about chaiwallahs, Mumbai's ubiquitous tea sellers, but then I found this old video of Peanut in his rain boots. http://youtu.be/A4PPX2Dntrw This video is from our first monsoon in Mumbai when I was worried about Peanut traipsing through torrents of filthy rainwater. He wore the boots maybe twice. Our chihuahua is … Continue reading C is for chihuahua

Merry Christmas from Mumbai!

Merry Christmas! Maya wishes everyone a Merry Christmas from Mumbai! May Santa bring you: A warm bed in which to snuggle Toys to keep you entertained All the treats you could ever want And most importantly... A wonderful family to call your very own! May these and all your wishes for this festive season and … Continue reading Merry Christmas from Mumbai!

3 krazy kuttas: The (not-so) street dogs of Mumbai

Kutta: One of the first words I learned in Hindi. It means "dog". A few days ago, I asked readers on my Facebook page to tell me what three things they thought of when they imagined India. Post by Magnolia2Mumbai. One theme emerged: animals. Whether elephants, tigers, or street dogs, everyone seems quite interested in … Continue reading 3 krazy kuttas: The (not-so) street dogs of Mumbai

Maya the mutt

Meeting Maya We have had our Indian pariah dog, Maya, for about six months. I promised months ago that I would blog about her “soon.” Obviously, my definition of “soon” has changed considerably under the influence of India Stretch Time. The hardest decision we have ever made was to give up our Spice Bear, our … Continue reading Maya the mutt

Chip and Peanut meet Mitten the kitten

  Much like Abbott and Costello, Chip and Peanut have many adventures. Today, they met Mitten the kitten from World for All. Brian had seen Mitten’s photo on the group’s Facebook page and thought he needed a home. When Brian proposed this idea, I expected Chip to behave badly. Things did not go exactly as … Continue reading Chip and Peanut meet Mitten the kitten

The case of the chunky, carb-addicted Chihuahua

My posts of late have been quite serious and heavy: school shootings, malnutrition, behavioral economics. So, I thought I would switch to a lighter topic. If you think an 8-lb Chihuahua is light, that is. Our Chihuahua Peanut has graduated to the husky harness. When we first met him in Magnolia, he was a scrawny, … Continue reading The case of the chunky, carb-addicted Chihuahua

Monsoon season, doggie style

Yesterday, Chip and Peanut had the first trial run with their monsoon gear (booties and poncho). The dogs have definitely not adapted to walking in the boots yet, and some serious bribery had to occur to placate them (i.e., enchilada meat). Bhagyashree at PawStation assures me that the dogs will get used to the boots, … Continue reading Monsoon season, doggie style