A comment about comments

The comments on this blog are moderated. As a rule, most comments will be approved. Just remember to play nice with others. Moderation means that your comment might not appear as soon as you post, but I do try to approve legitimate comments quickly.

However, I will not approve any comment that:

  • Sells male impotency medication or financial instruments of a dubious nature. I don’t want or need either of these things, and neither do my readers.
  • Tells me that I can improve my SEO rankings by contacting an email address. I really don’t care about my SEO rankings. I tag things if and when I feel like it.
  • Looks like it has a fake email address or website. You know who you are gjfgdihnkhd@geemail.com.
  • Makes no sense. Leaving aside that not everyone’s language is perfect, it is still reasonable to expect that a comment is relevant to the topic. I treat many of these comments as suspicious, especially a comment that discusses the importance of banking regulations on a post about pizza.


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