Z is for Zomato

Me: “For Z, I’m writing about Zomato.”

The hubby: “Zo- What?”

Me: “Zomato, the online food search engine. It’s like Yelp in the US.”

I guess not all Mumbaikers are familiar with Zomato. Clearly, that situation needs to change.

From the Zomato website:

Zomato was created to help people find and connect with great places to eat around them.

Launched in New Delhi in 2008, Zomato is a social network focused on food that operates in 41 cities across 12 countries (mostly in Asia and the Middle East). Over 226,800 restaurant listings are available.

Zomato includes restaurant listings, reviews, blogs by local foodies, and a host of other features.

In addition to its search engine site, Zomato also operates a food porn site where foodies can post images of food. Appropriately, it has the .xxx extension: zomato.xxx.

And, this entry brings us to “Zee End.” Hope you had fun exploring all the many facets of Mumbai culture. You can check out all my other A to Z blogs here.

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