C is for chihuahua

Peanut on his pillow

I was going to blog about chaiwallahs, Mumbai’s ubiquitous tea sellers, but then I found this old video of Peanut in his rain boots.

This video is from our first monsoon in Mumbai when I was worried about Peanut traipsing through torrents of filthy rainwater. He wore the boots maybe twice.
Our chihuahua is an object of great interest to Indians. They ask if he is full grown and will he get bigger. Yes, he’s about 5 years old, and, no, he won’t get any bigger.
Chihuahuas are rare in Mumbai. I know about only three or four in the city. All belong to expats. If there are any Indian owners, I’d love to meet them.
You can read more about Peanut’s adventures here:

The case of the chunky, carb-addicted chihuahua 

7 thoughts on “C is for chihuahua

  1. Aww..I love dogs. I once saw a chihuahua on Pali Hill – the only one I’ve seen in Mumbai. For some reason I can’t get the video to work, Jean.
    But I’ll be back to see Peanut. Love that little cushion of his! 🙂


    • They don’t import them here. The ones who are here have been brought in like mine. Indians seem to prefer big dogs like Goldens and Alsatians. There are two St Bernards in my neighborhood! In these small apartments, it makes little sense, but they love big dogs.


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