The 12th man of content: your audience

The Clemson-Carolina game is a Thanksgiving weekend tradition. In the weeks before the event, Clemson fans begin posting taunts on Facebook and sharing images of Clemson’s tiger mascot strangling and burning Carolina’s chicken mascot. The rivalry is all in good fun for the fans. It almost doesn’t matter who wins. (I said almost.) Fans are why the game is so wonderful. In American football, these loyal fans are called the 12th man. The 12th man is the 12th player on the field of football battle. Without the 12th man, your team might as well not even play.

What’s the fun of winning if no one’s watching?

Whether they’re customers or readers, your audience members constitute your 12th man online. They root for you; they promote you; they purchase your products. But, chances are that, much like football’s 12th man, as much as your audience members love you, eventually, you will anger and frustrate them. That’s OK. Those emotions present an opportunity for you to grow your audience. Engage your audience when emotions run high. Your response (whether right or wrong from a PR standpoint) helps you build credibility and your online authority. Just don’t take a lesson out the Abercrombie and Fitch playbook.

Who’s my audience?

I ask myself this question every day. I have discerned three main audiences: friends in the States, other Mumbai expats, and potential expats. Can you tell which demographic I am targeting with this post? Take a guess and leave a comment.

Go Tigers! Fry those chickens!


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