Chip and Peanut meet Mitten the kitten


Much like Abbott and Costello, Chip and Peanut have many adventures. Today, they met Mitten the kitten from World for All. Brian had seen Mitten’s photo on the group’s Facebook page and thought he needed a home. When Brian proposed this idea, I expected Chip to behave badly. Things did not go exactly as expected. But, do they ever?

Mitten is a one-month-old, three-legged kitten. No one knows how he lost his leg exactly, but his rescuers think it might have been a tom cat who bit the leg off.



This little guy is Mitten the kitten.


Mitten arrived in a red plastic carrier that looks like a shopping basket with a lid on it. Chip and Peanut barked at the basket, and the basket hissed back. Not the best first impression, but we decided to take Mitten out of the basket. His foster mom held him in her arms. Chip seemed to calm down. He was curious, but not aggressive. Peanut nudged the kitten with his nose and backed up barking at him. Our normally calm Chihuahua was barking up a storm. He nudged the kitten several more times and kept up a continuous stream of his little woofs. We moved Mitten to Brian’s lap. Chip still sniffed Mitten curiously. Peanut continued to raise a fuss. Our laid-back chihuahua was becoming aggressive and anxious. Our psycho poodle was clearly very worried about the kitten but did not snap at Mitten. We moved Mitten to my lap, and the dogs did not like that one bit.

We had decided before the interview that it was up to Chip to decide, but evidently it was Peanut’s decision. And, his decision was “no.” At that point, we decided that the interview was over. It seems that someone else had also expressed an interest in Mitten. That person does not have dogs. So, the home would probably be a better one for the little guy.  We wish Mitten well and hope he finds his forever home. Besides, who needs a kitten when we have cat-dog?


Chip on sofa

Chip on the couch, cat-like


2 thoughts on “Chip and Peanut meet Mitten the kitten

  1. It’s to bad the boys didn’t accept little Mitten, I think Peanut would have enjoyed the playmate once he got used to him. But being disabled and so young we didn’t want to put him at risk.


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