Happy Maharashtra Day

Today, most of India is celebrating International Workers’ Day or May Day, but in Mumbai, it is Maharashtra Day. Maharashtra is the state in which Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is located. Until 1960, Maharastra and what is now the state of Gujarat, were part of one state called Bombay. On 1 May 1960, India split the Bombay state into two parts on the basis of language. In Maharashtra, most people speak Marathi, while in Gujarat, most people speak Gujarati. Every year, a ceremony is held in south Mumbai to commemorate the founding of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Day is one of the 19 public holidays celebrated in the state. Some holidays are religious, but many are secular, and, like holidays in the US, are popular ways for businesses to advertise sales. Brian and I took advantage of those sales today to start building my Indian wardrobe. But, more on that later.

One thought on “Happy Maharashtra Day

  1. Shopping sprees in India are certainly more affordable, it is amazing what you can get for a couple hundred dollars!


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